Seth Godin on conversion of audience to taking action. Signing up. Paying. Sharing with friends. Your job as a business owner and marketer is to get as many as possible to take action. Not many do.

Maybe it isn’t a funnel though. Since mass marketing no longer seems to work very well, is there a better simile, a mental model that serves better? With so many touch points, in so many channels, and so many ways to reach a customer, a funnel seems like a blunt tool. Maybe a maze with lots of dead ends is more correct… And your job is to open up the dead ends and align them with your business’ door.

Personally I like the Customer Decision Journey more than the ancient funnel. Check it out: Aligning with the Consumer Decision Journey

If you have five minutes to spare, here’s a great video presentation covering the concept.

Some very interesting stats about UK food bloggers. Twitter definitely is the chosen means of social media communication. If you want to work with food bloggers, keeping these facts in mind may help.

Do check out the blog on the site, as there are lots of other interesting posts with key facts about the UK food bloggers.