Happens every time. Putting the actual site layouts and content structure together takes no time. Getting the actual content in place, so slow. I’m even guilty of this myself!

These days, the technology is usually very much the simple part. What makes a brand stand out is all about dedication, unique content, attention to detail. That can’t be faked or even outsourced.

I must say, I like my brand new logotype and the business cards I had printed over at MOO.com. Love their services. Note the thin red inlay between the front and back of the cards… Lush.

Thank you very much Mathias from Early Media for sorting me out with such glorious graphics!

Seth Godin on conversion of audience to taking action. Signing up. Paying. Sharing with friends. Your job as a business owner and marketer is to get as many as possible to take action. Not many do.

Maybe it isn’t a funnel though. Since mass marketing no longer seems to work very well, is there a better simile, a mental model that serves better? With so many touch points, in so many channels, and so many ways to reach a customer, a funnel seems like a blunt tool. Maybe a maze with lots of dead ends is more correct… And your job is to open up the dead ends and align them with your business’ door.

Personally I like the Customer Decision Journey more than the ancient funnel. Check it out: Aligning with the Consumer Decision Journey

If you have five minutes to spare, here’s a great video presentation covering the concept.

To those who say it can’t be done, get out of the way for those who are doing it.
I’d like to quote this as being said by Jocke, from whom I heard it first. But originally it seems to have been said as “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it”, James Arthur Baldwin

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to set up a thoroughly branded, entirely digital and cloud based, social and connected, great looking entity on the web these days.

From domain registration at a great web host supplying FTP storage space, via Google Apps for mail and calendar hosting, to Twitter and Tumblr for social / blog presences it takes about an hour and a few tens of dollars (hey, quality blog themes are worth money) to get started.

Compared to what this was like in the early 90s, it is such a breeze. All of the requirements to market yourself and communicate online have been completely commoditised.

Getting web hosting, blog and social media tools free or for a small fee is one thing. But add to that proper advanced and complex services like Google Docs, DropboxTrello, MailChimpfreeagent.com, browserstack.com, usertesting.com, unbounce.com, all available for a small monthly fee… …and it is hard to see why anyone would ever buy a locally installed software ever again.

I can’t think of anything I can’t get as a subscription these days. Even PhotoShop can be bought for a monthly fee!

What are your favourite online services and why can’t you live without them?